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Goldsit has been able to satisfy customers and gain a good position in the market by utilizing premium materials.

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Goldsit Company  is the first company to market gold plated seats in Iran.

Goldsit Company offers all kinds of custom-made chairs with your ideal natural leather.

Goldsit Company offers products suitable for a variety of spaces including ultra-luxurious environments.

About Goldsit

About Goldsit

Our honor is that we have partnered with the best brands and we know them

Goldsit Company has been active in the production and supply of office furniture since the beginning of the year 2009. By expanding its activities,by utilizing professions and experienced staff and using up to date knowledge , it has begun to produce a variety of office chairs, Employee chairs, management chairs and restaurant chairs which are at the same level with world standards. Due to the need of today's market for modern and different products design, after a while started to conduct extensive research in this field and in a short time succeeded in designing and producing products in accordance with the latest methods of the world. Goldsit has always sought to increase its ability to produce better and higher quality products with the aim of satisfying customers.

Goldsit manufacturing space has been increasing permanently, which has led to a greater variety of products, in addition to Goldsit efforts to improve the quality of its products and to satisfy its customers on the basis of national standard operating principles and honored by the  "Iran's standard and industrial research" organization.

The dynamics of contemporary society require a whole new set of tools to change the work environment. Goldsit products are the best choice for flexibility and relaxation in the workplace. Manufacturing products with the highest quality and most appropriate raw materials based on engineering principles to guarantee consumer health and safeguard national interests. Increasing customer satisfaction by enhancing product quality and delivering excellent after-sales service to all consumers has always been one of the goals of the Goldsit Company.

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